About CapeCoral.com

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CapeCoral.com was launched in August 2009, with the goal of being the most comprehensive website about Cape Coral, Florida.

Today, CapeCoral.com offers up to date information on all facets of life in Cape Coral for residents, visitors, and business owners of all ages.

For the past five years, we have strived to provide residents, businesses, and visitors all the information they need to know what is going on in Cape Coral. Over that same time, we have not only reported on what is going on, but also have become part of the community. No one works harder than those working for CapeCoral.com to be anywhere and everywhere something is going on, and bringing it back to our readers.

Whether you are looking to read the latest news on local government, businesses, or you want to see a picture of your child participating in sports and other activities, it is very likely you can find it on CapeCoral.com.

In addition, if you are searching for something to do, we have the most comprehensive Cape Coral event calendar and coverage of any website in the area.

To help our readers not only enjoy life in Cape Coral, but save money while doing so, we recently introduced our latest venture, the CapeCoral.com Rewards Card.

The Rewards Card offers our readers special discounts at Cape Coral restaurants, retail stores, professional services, and more. Best of all, it is free.

What you see on CapeCoral.com today is just the beginning. Having just reached a milestone with our five year anniversary, we here at CapeCoral.com look forward to building on that time and expanding to create even more information and news that we can pass on to our loyal readers.