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2047 McGregor Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33901
(239) 334-0044





About Get Smart Bail Bonds

Get Smart Bail Bonds is a comprehensive bail bonding service that is available to 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

We provide reliable services to clients in need in a timely fashion.  No matter what situation you or your loved one may be in our professional staff is here to provide you our Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Rated 100% confidential bail bond service.

Get Smart Bail Bonds is associated with Expert Bail and uses up to date computer software and equipment to process all applications. We deliver the necessary documents to get you, your friend or loved one released as quickly as possible.  

If you need assistance or have any questions with posting bail today, contact the experts at Get Smart Bail Bonds today. We will always be glad to further assist you!

Nancy’s 3 R’s 
As a teacher for 25 years Nancy truly believes in the 3 R’s. When she formed Get Smart Bail Bonds her 3 R’s changed from Reading, Writing & Arithmetic and now they stand for; Rescue, Re-educate and Results.


Help the defendant get a smooth transition to being back on track.

Paying It Forward

Helping find a place to live and a job.


Treat everyone like they’re a member of your family.


24 Hour Service, Any Court, Any Time, Anywhere!!! 


Hours of Operation

Monday: 24 hours

Tuesday: 24 hours

Wednesday: 24 hours

Thursday: 24 hours

Friday: 24 hours

Saturday: 24 hours

Sunday: 24 hours